AISMALIBAR Presents FASTHERM At Ford Advanced Lighting Innovation Expo 2017

Posted Nov 10th, 2017

From I-Connect007

Aismalibar was recently on site at the 2017 Ford Advanced Lighting Innovation Expo (ALIE) show in Dearborn, MI. There they introduced their newest product offering, FASTHERM.

FASTHERM was developed by AISMALIBAR to achieve a faster thermal transition from the LED thermal pad to the heat sink. This technology allows LEDs to operate at a temperature 30°C to 50°C lower due to the direct thermal transition from the thermal pad to the heat sink. This superior thermal transition can be achieved by using the entire COBRITHERM HTC product range with either a copper or copper/aluminium base.

Jeff Brandman, President of Aismalibar North America, remarks, “We’re very excited to continue to work with FORD in automotive lighting product development.  It is exciting to introduce FASTHERM at such a specialized event and we look forward to presenting our technical capabilities to all stakeholders at the expo.”

For more information about Aismalibar products, call Jeff Brandman at (416) 321-0770