Isola is a leader in global material sciences. The company designs, develops, manufactures, high quality copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). Isola has manufacturing, research and development, technical support and sales teams across Asia, Europe, and the United States. This means they have the ability to service customers all around the world from start to finish. Knowledge sharing and collaboration is at the heart of Isola values, and their global teams work closely together to deliver the very best solutions, every single time. TFE is proud to be the Chicagoland and Eastern Wisconsin Representative for Isola Laminates, in collaboration with the distribution partner TCT Circuit Supply. LEARN MORE »

Founded in 1934 and based in Barcelona, Spain, Aismalibar manufactures high end Copper and Metal Clad Laminates for the Printed Circuit Board Industry. Aismalibar’s expertise lies in offering the best solutions to reduce the operational temperature of Printed Circuit Boards and their components, ensuring both quality and reliability. At the production plant in Barcelona – a strategic technological hub – Aismalibar develops, manufactures and markets the latest advances in laminates for the production of printed circuit boards in order to offer customers a global and personalized service guaranteed through their global subsidiaries.

Aismalibar's goal is to reduce the operating temperature of electronic components, thereby prolonging their operating life and optimizing performance. Furthermore, the materials minimize the use of supplementary fans or heat sinks, thus reducing production costs. Since 2009 all the insulated metal substrates (IMS) have been ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certified, RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free. All materials have secured UL certification, among others, for the entire Aismalibar product range.

Aismalibar products are utilized in a variety of different technology market segments such as LED lighting, telecommunications, automotive, renewable energies, home appliances, railway transport, aerospace, energy storage and industrial management systems. The company has evolved to become an unquestionable global leader. Aismalibar is committed to ensuring a guarantee of reliability and service in electronics LEARN MORE »

TCT Circuit Supply (TCS) is a proud supplier of industry-leading materials and equipment to the Printed Circuit Board industry. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the TCT Group and working with partners from all over the world,  TCS offers materials, technical support and solutions for the most challenging applications. In addition to a wide variety of cutting tools and repoint services manufactured by TCT, we offer a broad portfolio of laminates, prepregs, films, pads and consumable products. With three locations in North America (Placentia, CA; San Jose, CA; and Plymouth MN) and an extensive array of managed inventory solutions, TCS is committed to maintaining a broad range of materials readily available for shipment. Service and support is conducted by our team of application engineers from our test center in Placentia, CA and our production hub in Plymouth, MN. We will work with you to find the right solution for your application challenge.  Cutting tool resharpening is available from all three locations with the latest in fully automated equipment. We pride ourselves on providing every customer with the highest level of service, convenience, and reliability.  Please contact your nearest representative for more information on how we might help meet your needs. LEARN MORE »

Based in Germany, HPTEC is a world leader in high-speed cutting tools for the printed circuit board manufacturing industry. TFE has distribution rights for HPTec products in North America. Our drills and routers are ready to ship from our North American warehouses in a vast range of sizes. The HPTec product line includes, but is not limited to, micro-via drills, flex drills, multilayer drills, undercut drills, standard drills, single end mill routers, double end mill routers, triple end mill routers, slot drills, high-speed diamond routers and v-scoring routers. We also offer drill repointing services. Ask us today about switching to our superior HPTec tools. LEARN MORE »

HAM Prazision | TFE

HAM Tools provide superior quality and service for solid carbide and PCB cutting tools. HAM Tools is a well-established global manufacturer servicing industries in North and South America, Asia and throughout Europe. HAM Tools cutting bits are competitively priced, with quick delivery on all standards and specials. HAM Tools understand the difficulties in the current market and work with each customer individually to find cost saving solutions for their specific needs. HAM Tools offers an extensive catalog of all its tools, including CNC fabrication custom tools for the automotive and aerospace industries. The German made precision cutting tools are shipped from our North American warehouse. LEARN MORE »

Spindle Dynamics are specialists, providing products and services to high-speed PCB drilling equipment, offering quality spindle repair and spindle rebuild service for high-speed machine tool and PCB spindle motors and supplying precision replacement PCB collets and consumables specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. The team at Spindle Dynamics are experts in the repair of high-speed PCB drilling equipment and will provide you with a level of service and timely turnaround beyond what is usually available. Spindle Dynamics has many years in the field of quality assurance, spindle repair and refurbishment, high precision machine assembly and component manufacture for the PCB and aerospace industries. This extensive experience provides a knowledge base that is second to none in the repair of PCB drilling spindles. LEARN MORE »

Schmoll Machine is a supplier of PCB machine tool and mass-production solutions for electronic and micro structuring PCB applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience. Their solution portfolio covers all performance-relevant steps for mechanical and laser micro machining and is complemented by automated technology. Customers in the PCB industry and related markets, such as Solar and LED, appreciate our comprehensive experience in laser processing. This makes Schmoll Machine a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as research and development. LEARN MORE »

Smartparts/FASTechnologies  is a unique group of specialists who are expert software developers and are highly experienced in the field of printed circuit board drilling and routing. These two strengths give FASTechnologies the ability to develop advanced software products for enhancing the productivity of the PCB drilling and routing processes. Since 1987, FASTechnologies has been improving the profitability of the PCB drilling and routing processes. FASTechnologies are independent of the machine manufacturers, so the products are broadly applicable. The Software improves the performance and throughput of all kinds of CNC drillers and routers. LEARN MORE »

For decades, C.A. Picard has been the world‘s best manufacturer of press plates. C.A. Picard has been ideally combining experience, knowledge, and development. State-of-the-art production ensures highest quality available, utilizing world class machining procedures. C.A. Picard produces precise and highly wear resistant parts and equipment, which meet the strictest demands. High plate hardness guarantees scratch-free surfaces and low wear during wet-cleaning and handling while removing resin residues from the pressing process. C.A. Picard supplies press plates with even heat conductivity which assures high quality printed circuit boards and plastic cards. C.A. Picard sells and refurbishes bushings, corner clamps, registration pins, carrier plates, and top and bottom press tools.

Viridian Innerlayer Punching System
Automatic Post-Etch Innerlayer Registration System

The post-etch punching process maximizes accuracy and yield of multilayer panel production and is available in 2 to 8 CCD-alignment configurations. Designed for precise and simple operation, it is very easy to use and maintain, assuring maximum productivity and uptime. It is built to provide the highest precision that is practically achievable to help the small to medium size PCB manufacturer achieve high yields on challenging work. Low cost-of-ownership and high-value PCB production maximize the return on investment.

PinLam BT-50

Hammering out the dowel pins after lamination can be a tiring, time-consuming operation, damaging to expensive lamination tooling. The C.A. Picard complete ergonomic breakdown station safely removes lamination pins and lifts the lamination plate for breakdown and lamination plate cleaning. The result is increased productivity, no lamination plate damage, no operator injury, and cost savings. LEARN MORE »

Technosystem / Aismalibar robotic arms for LDI imaging applications.

Technosystem is providing tomorrow’s technology solutions today and is known as one of the true high-tech robotics distributors. The new robotic arms for unloading and placing the panel on the LDI, (Laser Direct Imaging) greatly improve speed and quality. Typical daily production increases can be as high as 200 percent. Technosystems designs and builds custom automation loaders and unloaders to your particular design of metal rack and trays. They also will design and manufacture a wide range of different levels of automation for all machinery in the PCB manufacturing cycle. The advanced robotic operation reduces employee count at one of the most boring jobs in the PCB manufacturing area. With no break time, sick leave or holidays, the robotic arm does not ask for a raise or want overtime to work after hours. The proven robotic arm can run all day and night for years using very little energy.

The automotive industry quality robotic arms feature extremely low downtime by utilizing very reliable, robust advanced robotics. The robots are fitted with high-resolution cameras as well as AI-type advanced software to find and scan bar codes as it communicates with the LDI. The robotic arm will locate the panel in the cart, quickly place the panel correctly on the table, utilizing a tacky roller system to ensure the panel is clean, and then initiate exposure. After the first side is exposed, it will quickly rotate and replace the panel for second side exposure, after cleaning. At the conclusion of the LDI exposure, the robotic arm will remove the panel and place it back on the cart. The robotic arms communicate with the LDI directly, initiating the imaging process ready to pick up, rotate and replace the panel for second side exposure. LEARN MORE »

Since 1984, Electra has been a leader in the development of advanced specialty polymer products for use in the global printed circuit board and related electronics manufacturing industries, supplying major PCB manufacturers worldwide with polymer resist products. Advanced capabilities in conductive ink technology increasingly reach into the printed electronics sector. Using extensive laboratories and a flexible range of partnership and development models, Electra provides off-the-shelf products for all types of solder masks, conductive inks silver as well as carbon, conductive as well as non-conductive micro via hole plugging paste. Silver flex circuit inks, ink jet solder mask, and ink jet ident marking inks are available. LEARN MORE »

LACH DIAMANT Is a worldwide leading manufacturer of diamond scoring blades and a supplier of special machines for the manufacturing and sharpening of all polycrystalline diamond tools for the processing of aluminum, copper and scoring of printed circuit boards. LACH DIAMANT has extensive knowledge regarding development, production, and application of polycrystalline diamond tools since 1973. Today, state-of-the-art production and re-sharpening services allow LACH DIAMANT to further optimize proven tool designs and geometries for every PCB application which subsequently results in increased durability, better surface quality and higher feed rates. LEARN MORE »

As one of the world´s leading manufacturers of presses and as a pioneer in coating technologies, BÜRKLE stands for quality, customer orientation and innovative strength since 1920. We guarantee our customers a fast, personal, and individual service through our international orientation with branch offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. LEARN MORE »

Wise is a global leader in the technology of Wet Processing Equipment. Founded in Parma, Italy, Wise is constantly innovating and evolving within the PCB marketplace. Wise has many combined years of experience in the design, development, and production of all types of wet processing machines to produce printed circuit boards. These PCBs are used across many different market applications such as automotive, healthcare, telecommunication, aerospace, defense, industrial automation, electronic consumer goods. Wise’s experienced and professional team provides the highest level of customer satisfaction, following the Wise “Quality and Service” philosophy to satisfy all the requirements the market may need.

A reliable family business with more than 40 years of experience in the aluminum, circuit board, plastics industries as well as swarf processing, ERBO offers innovative extraction technology, recommended by customers all over the world. From extensive analysis, thorough planning of each business' system, project management and on-site installation, we offer complete solutions and comprehensive service – all at guaranteed fixed prices. ERBO produces extraction units, which are high-quality products manufactured in Germany and in demand around the world.

ERBO customers profit from a wide range of solutions, from the simple extraction unit with swarf container to the fully automatic system for the extraction of several machines, as well as swarf control for augers and conveyor belts with built-in crushing units and briquette presses. Through advanced analysis covering all risk factors, outside-the-box thinking from experts, and solutions that go far beyond extraction technology, ERBO keeps costs down. With high efficiency and safe operation, our units increase the productivity in your company and offer you planning reliability. With custom solutions from ERBO GmbH, your company is sure to excel. LEARN MORE »

The SCHMID Group is your daily companion: for instance through smartphones, solar modules or modern energy storages. SCHMID conducts basic research and brings the technologies into mass production. Thus, the company founded in 1864 provides technical progress.

SCHMID masters processes that are used in the most different industrial sectors and builds machines and automation systems perfectly tailored to the requirements. By always entering into new fields of application, three business units developed taking advantage of numerous synergistic effects: Electronics, Photovoltaics and Energy Systems, supported and accompanied by the fourth business unit Customer Service. LEARN MORE »