New Tool From HPTec for Routing Copper

Posted May 20th, 2018

HPTec would like to present their further development:

The Diamond Coated Router Type 892

This tool is for the processing of copper/IMS type 892 (1-flute router, diamond coated, flat end cut).This single-edged tool with a flat end cut has been developed especially for routing of copper. Dry and wet processing is possible. The aim was to further enhance the performance of existing tools by a coating of high quality.

Advantages of the coated router:

  • Excellent surface quality
  • Extreme long service life
  • Reduced temperatures during machining (because of less friction)
  • Minimal burr formation
  • No adhesion of chips
  • Minimizing of built-up edges

The new tool type 892 achieves the following result:

Service life of 60m in IMS-material (copper, insulator and copper) at a speed of 30.000 rpm and a feed rate of 0.4 m/min by an excellent routing quality.

This is a truly high quality router! The following dimensions are available ex stock:
Ø 1.6 x 4 mm
Ø 2.0 x 4 mm
Ø 2.4 x 6 mm
Ø 3.175 x 6 mm

TFE shares exclusive distribution rights for HPTEC products in North America. Our drills and routers are ready to ship from our North American warehouses in a vast range of sizes. Contact us today for more information. (416) 321-0770