Aismalibar Cobritherm Highly Conductive B And C Stage

Posted Feb 19th, 2021

We take a lot of pride in being Aismalibar’s North American distributor. In my business you always want to represent the very best and there is not better substrate producers in the industry than Aismalibar. In this newsletter we highlight their Cobritherm bond sheet is a highly thermal conductive C and B stage material, considered the best in the industry. Read the write up below to learn more about it.

Aismalibar Cobritherm bond sheet is a highly thermal conductive C and B stage material. The bond ply which is available as cured and uncured sheets is designed for use in adhering multilayers, lead frame and various highly thermal conductive applications. B stage thermal conductivity prepreg, available in various thicknesses, offers 180 t/g and thermal conductivity of 2,2 and 3.2 to 4 w/mc. Offers many applications such as adhering heavy copper lead frame to aluminum heat sink for IGBT power electronics.   

The main area of application of the Aismalibar thermal conductive B and C stage prepreg is in power electronics applications in which the heat transfer between two flat metal surfaces is optimized in terms of heat conduction and electrical insulation.

The film is used successfully today in applications such as solar inverters, wind turbines, motor controls for electric vehicles and LED industrial lighting. It improves heat conductivity of power electronics modules for electric cars’ power train and battery management. It is utilized in industrial power electronics, in welding devices and robot drives, maximizing heat conducting printed circuits for efficient cooling of the control electronics.

The efficient heat dissipation with maximum voltage insulation strength of the bond sheet is ideal for optimal coupling of MOSFET power semiconductor lead frames directly to aluminum heat sinks. 349. Cured C stage insulative thermally conductive laminate is available in large sheets for further processing by milling, sawing, and punching for use as thermally conductive insulating sheets in high power and high voltage applications. Dual Thermal Coating" Technology is a combination of a C-stage layer plus a B-stage on top for bonding. Uncured B stage is available in sheets for adhering copper lead frames or multilayers to other layers or directly to heat sinks, utilizing a no-kiss lamination press cycle.