C.A. Picard: Only The Best For The PCB Industry

Posted Mar 2nd, 2021

At TFE - where the customer is always number one - we pride ourselves on bringing the very best solutions to our PCB fabrication customers. With this goal in mind, we are proud to bring C.A Picard’s fine products to customers. From press plates to punching systems for registration, C.A. Picard has always led the way in bringing the finest tools to our industry. 

Jeff Brandman 

For decades, C.A. Picard has been among the world‘s best manufacturers of press plates as well as a major supplier for press plate accessories, such as pins, bushings and tools. We have ideally combed experience, knowledge and development. Our state-of-the-art production ensures highest quality available, utilizing world class machining procedures. We produce precise and highly wear resistant parts and equipment that meet the strictest demands. High plate hardness guarantees scratch-free surfaces and low wear during wet-cleaning and handling while removing resin residues from the pressing process. C.A. Picard supplies press plates with even heat conductivity that assures high quality printed circuit boards and plastic cards.

C.A. Picard specializes in selling and also refurbishes bushings, corner clamps, registration pins, carrier plates, and top and bottom press tools.

Viridian Inner layer Punching System and Automatic Post-Etch Innerlayer Registration System

The post-etch punching process maximizes accuracy and yield of multilayer panel production and is available in 2 to 8 CCD-alignment configurations. Designed for precise and simple operation, it is very easy to use and maintain, assuring maximum productivity and uptime. It is built to provide the highest precision that is practically achievable to help the small to medium size PCB manufacturer achieve high yields on challenging work. Low cost-of-ownership and high-value PCB production maximize the return on investment.

PinLam BT-50

The C.A. Picard complete ergonomic breakdown station safely removes lamination pins and lifts the lamination plate for breakdown and lamination plate cleaning. The result is increased productivity, no lamination plate damage, no operator injury, and cost savings.  Hammering out the dowel pins after lamination can be a tiring, time-consuming operation, damaging to expensive lamination tooling.