New Drill Bit 271 From HPTec

Posted Mar 12th, 2021

One of the great things about working for and representing a company like HPTec is that they are always innovating. They are continually striving to develop great new products that will benefit our customer base. The new Drill bit 271 is a great example of doing just that. Check out all the benefits of this great new product from HPTec.

The HPTec drill type 271 offers a great potential to increase your productivity over the entire lifetime of the drill bit.

The main goal of the new 271 drill bit product development is to significantly and sustainably increase the performance of the drilling bit, not just as a new drill bit, but over the entire service life including three regrinding cycles, reducing overall drilling costs.

The new improved drill bit was achieved with a 2 in 1 drill spiral geometry. A carefully created engineered double spiral increases the stability of the bit. The enhanced double spiral creates a larger chip pocket for quicker and easier removal of the chips, decreasing heat and reduced breakage due to clogging.

Additionally, the new design improved the overall characteristics for reduced drill deflection while decreasing the breakage. The drill’s improved center entry point was achieved by utilizing the latest carbide developments. The improved carbide material has been the origin for the entire development of the drill bit. The type 271 can therefore also be used for highly abrasive base materials, such as High Tg and Rogers ceramic laminates.