New HPTec Aluminum Router

Posted Mar 24th, 2021

HPTec’s new innovative 2 flute Type 891 router is the best new tool on the market today when it comes to the routing of Aluminum. This new tool is able to machine very tight inner contours and slots. One of the reasons that our entire team at TFE loves representing HPTec is that they are so innovative when it comes to listening to what their customers’ needs and providing it.

We are pleased to be able to introduce our new 2-flute router Type 891 to you! This tool has been developed by HPTec especially for the routing of Aluminum (with or without a cooling system). An innovative geometry, the tightest production tolerances, 100% quality check during production and a new, wear-resistant diamond coating offer an excellent routing quality as well as  maximum performance. The positive feedback from our customers is a testament to the fact that this high-performance router provides superior quality. The tool combines highly productive routing with an outstanding tool life and edge quality.

This router can machine tight, inner contours and slots in aluminum, while still offering exceptional high-quality side walls and dimensional stability. Due to the router’s solid carbide construction and diamond coating, the increased strength results in less bit deflection. The diamond coating increases the router bit’s ability to mill/machine aluminum, with or without cooling systems, as well as milling copper and PCB with ceramic fillers with a smooth side wall. It offers excellent chip removal and controlled depth routing with high accuracy.  

Comparison: 828 uncoated / 891 diamond coated   2.0 mm (.078 inch) 

Material: Aluminum thickness 1.5 mm, (.059 inch) without cooling system, 33,000 rpm feed rate 1.0 m/min. (39.3 inch/min)

Result: Tool life 20 times higher compared to the uncoated routing tool.

The optimal quality of our router will convince you. We are readily prepared to send you samples for test purposes. Do you need parameter recommendations or specific solutions for your processes? Our Application Engineering is eagerly prepared to give you any support.

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