HPTec’s New Diamond Coated Router

Posted Apr 1st, 2021

Another great new HPTec product. The Diamond Coated Router 892 has been developed with the express purpose of routing thick copper boards. This new tool is accurate, long lasting much cooler than other comparable products. 

Our New Diamond Coated Router 892! For the processing of copper/IMS

Type 892 is a one flute router diamond coated flat end cut that has been developed especially for exact routing of thick copper. Either Dry or wet processing is acceptable. 
The aim was to further enhance the performance of existing tools by a coating of high-quality diamond. 

Advantages of the diamond coated router:  This single-edged tool will cut with excellent surface quality and was developed especially for high accuracy side milling. Advantages of the diamond coated router: Excellent surface quality; extreme long service life; reduced temperatures during machining because of less friction; consistently sharp edge giving minimal burr formation; no adhesion of chips, minimizing residue build-up at edges. The new router tool type 892 achieves the following result as shown in photo, for 1.6mm (.062 inch) thick copper substrate. Boasting an excellent long service life of 60 meters (196 feet) milled in IMS material copper base insulator and copper traces, at a speed of 30,000 rpm, a feed rate of .4m/min (15.7 inch/min) producing a superior routing edge and quality.   

 Photo 1 cutting edge 

Convince yourself of the high quality of our superior diamond coated metal router. 
The following sizes are available from our extensive stock.

 1.6 x 4mm             (.063 inch x .1574 inch)
 2.0 x 4mm             (.078 inch x .1574 inch)
 2.4 x 6 mm            (.094 inch x .236 inch)
 3.175 x 6 mm        (.125 inch x .236 inch)

Our applications engineering team supports your manufacturing with parameter recommendations and solutions to your routing and drilling problems. 

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