Electra Specialty Coatings

Posted Jun 1st, 2021

As always, TFE is committed to providing our PCB customers with the very best products on the market today. That is why we represent Electra. Today we are highlighting their ED2000 Thermal Cure Silver Paste for Rigid Substrate.

Electra Specialty Resists and Coatings for the Electronics Industry

The ED2000 series of silver pastes are highly conductive (35 milliohms per square), silver-filled, thermosetting conductor materials suitable for use on rigid substrate. They can be used for printing and filling through-hole vias. They find extensive use as a conductive jumper over Electra insulative material to complete a circuit connection on conventional circuits where high conductivity is required. The silver ink dries to a hard wearing surface with a hardness of 6H, suitable for use as sliding contacts. 

The high conductivity of ED2000 ink features a resistivity of only 30-35 mΩ/sq at a printing thickness of 15u. The silver ink offers excellent adhesion with no peeling when tested as per cross hatch test IPC D-320.  The Electra ink allows for high resolution of 250 mm tracks and spaces on typical thick film printers. The drying time is only 5 minutes at 120-150°C. The curing time with convection oven is 30-60 minutes at 150-160°C, and with an IR oven, 2 to 3 minutes at 180-200°C. The silver ink is screened with normal PCB and thick film silk screens and squeegees, all of which can be cleaned using Electra Universal Screen wash SW100. ED3000 silver pastes are highly flexible, thermoplastic conductive materials developed specifically for use on untreated polyester, polyimide and polycarbonate flex circuit films.

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About Electra ED    

Electra silver pastes are highly conductive, silver filled thermo-setting conductor paste suitable for use on rigid substrate. They can be used for PCBs both conventional and high conductivity. They provide a rugged hard wearing surface as well. For more information, visit https://electrapolymers.com/