Circuit Tech Purchases Technosystems Loader And Unloader

Posted Jun 30th, 2021

 Joe Burmi, owner of Circuit Tech and Jeff Brandman CEO of TFE, are proud to announce the purchase of advanced automated loader and unloader technology, manufactured by Technosystem, Barcelona Spain.

Circuit Tech, formed in 1982, is an industry leader in PCB manufacturing, operating in a state-of-the-art facility of 57,000 square feet, strategically situated in the high-tech manufacturing region of Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Circuit Tech’s goal is to continuously grow with high industry demands, meeting customers' stringent design requirements with their in-house process capabilities and engineering design tools. Their business has led into highly demanding markets, servicing defense, aerospace, space, medical, RF / microwave and communications.

Reliability and effective performance of your electronic assembly is critical to your business and manufacturing yields. The new Technosystem automatic loader and unloader will greatly improve consistency and output.

Advanced Technosystem robotic loaders and unloaders applications are distributed by TFE in North America. One such example is the new robotic arms for unloading and placing the panel on the LDI, (Laser Direct Imaging) greatly improve speed and quality.  Typical daily production increases can be as high as 200 percent. The proven Technosystem robotic arms are available as a single arm system, with a 19 second flip-over time or dual arms with 11 second flip-over time. No operator is required. 

The advanced robotic loaders operation reduces employee count at one of the most boring jobs in the PCB manufacturing area. With no break time, sick leave or holidays, the robotic arm does not ask for a raise or want overtime to work after hours. The proven robotic units can run all day and night for years, using very little energy.   

The automotive industry quality, robotic arms feature extremely low, down time by utilizing very reliable, robust advanced robotics. The robots are fitted with high resolution cameras as well as AI type advanced software to find and scan bar codes as it communicates with the LDI. The robotic arm will locate the panel in the cart, quickly place the panel correctly on the table, utilizing a tacky roller system to ensure the panel is clean, and then initiate exposure.

After the first side is exposed, it will quickly rotate and replace the panel for second side exposure, after cleaning. At the conclusion of the LDI exposure, the robotic arm will remove the panel and place it back on the cart.  The robotic arms communicate with the LDI directly, initiating the imaging process ready to pick up, rotate and replace the panel for second side exposure. 

Joe Burmi of Circuit Tech states that “dealing with TFE and Technosystem, specifying the desired automation was quick and easy. We look forward to future business as we continue to automate our PCB facility.” Jeff Brandman of TFE comments, “Our job is so much simpler due to the superb range of automation options available from Technosystem to fit our customer’s needs.