BURKLE: Leader In Lam Presses For Over 50 Years

Posted Jan 31st, 2022

Our principal BURKLE has been leading the field with it comes to lamination presses for over 50 years. BURKLE has provided the PCB industry with the most reliable equipment on the market both yesterday and today and in keeping with its mission will continue to provide the industry with cutting edge technology for years to come.

Jeff Brandman 
The lamination process is arguably the primary process that made it possible to create the high-density rigid, flexible and rigid flex printed circuits that are collectively key to making the near instantaneous transfer of information and global commerce we all enjoy possible. Invented in the 1960s the multilayer printed circuit is the “stage”, without which today’s high-end semiconductors would be unable to perform the “magic” that runs our world.

BURKLE Technologies has been making and improving PCB laminating presses for half a century, presses which control both temperature (up to 500 degrees Celsius) and pressure (from 1.8 to 2000 tons). The equipment facilitates the joining of thermosetting resins, a wide variety of reinforcements as well as flexible films, along with copper foils and etched circuit inner layer laminates into stable marvels of technical ingenuity that interconnect us, entertain us, and make our lives safer and healthier than we might ever have imagined.

BURKLE’s lamination presses are available in sizes from small laboratory units to industrial room sized units supported by process equipment that facilitates lay-up, handling, pressing and breakdown. They also include traditional and vacuum assisted lamination equipment to create the most accurate multilayer PCB stacks required for the operation of current and future generation telecommunications equipment.

We are here to help you find the equipment you need to make your PCB customers the most satisfied printed circuit users anywhere. 

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For more than 50 years, BURKLE has been serving PCB manufacturers worldwide as a line manufacturer with advanced laminating technologies. We are always one step ahead of the times. The BURKLE laminating lines produce at the highest technical level with a clear focus on customer-specific requirements. For the production of printed circuit boards, BURKLE is a reliable partner on your side. For more information go to www.BURKLE.tech.com