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Posted May 19th, 2022

The best craftspeople in the world always insist on using the best tools. From world class chefs, to fine cabinet makers, they all know that the very best tools and ingredients are needed to produce the very best products. This is why at TFE we are always focused on providing our customers with the very best tools available today.

We're proud to represent ERBO Vacuum Systems

The ERBO Vacuum System founders realized this 40 years ago and set about to design, develop, engineer and manufacture a superior central air extraction system to safely and reliably remove the contaminants of manufacturing to protect both product and workforce. Today ERBO proudly manufactures what they, and we, feel are among the best and most economical central extractions systems in the world with emplacements on all the globe’s major continents.

Printed Circuit Board Factory Solutions

Drilling, routing, scoring, beveling, and cutting are integral process steps in the manufacturing of printed circuits and have been since the infancy of the industry. More recently, laser drilling and cutting have been added to that list. The dust and debris those processes generate is typically comprised of metals, glass and epoxy. If that dust is not properly managed, it can wreak havoc on the printed circuit yield by creating shorts and opens in the circuitry during processing.

Even more important, that same dust can ruin the health of workers if inhaled. The printed circuit industry is not alone in this concern. The machining industry world-wide is also concerned with machine debris from their machining processes. 

CNC Machine Shop Solutions

ERBO Vacuum Systems can extract cutting debris from Dust, Aluminum, Cast Iron and even Steel.  Though not often recognized, ERBO Vacuum Systems also help to minimize fork truck traffic and the time and expense of handling chip hoppers, significantly improving the efficiency of your operations.

We are eager to help you address your work environment air management needs. Please feel free to contact us with questions and we will work with you to assure you get the right solution for your needs.