TFE is Proud to Offer the First USA HAM Precision Drill Catalog

Posted Dec 5th, 2022

This new catalog covers all of the HAM standard Inch and Metric Drills which are manufactured at our state of the art facility located in Germany.  In addition many of these tools are stocked at TFE location in Toronto CA ready to ship freight free to our customers. 

  • HAM Twist Drills – For universal workpiece materials
  • HAM Superdrills – High performance, diameter 2.8mm up to 20.0mm, 3xD – 12xD 
  • HAM Deep Hole Drills – Extra-long drills from 0.8mm up to 16.0mm, up to 40xD

Introduction of a ‘NEW” finishing polishing process.
HSF TECHNOLOGY (Hybrid Surface Finish)

  • Optimal chip removal
  • Reduction of built-up edges
  • Defined cutting edge rounding
  • Homogeneous and reproducible surfaces can be reached
  • Higher cutting speeds and feed rates are possible
  • Reduced cutting forces
  • Less heat generation in tool and work piece

View/Download the USA Catalog here

Click here if you would like to download the HAM German Catalog with all the HAM Tools (Metric)

About Ham Precision Tools

HAM Precision Tools are tested under extreme conditions. Therefore, every product which leaves our factory fulfills the highest quality demands. HAM produces solid carbide drilling tools from first-class quality blanks with material-optimized geometries and precision ground cutting edges. With a wide application spectrum, HAM offers our customers an optimum of productivity and a maximum tool life.