Visit Us At The 2023 Applied Power Electronics Conference

Posted Mar 1st, 2023

Aismalibar will be attending the APEC, the leading conference for practicing power electronics professionals, in Orlando, Florida from March 19-23. Aismalibar will be presenting new cooling technologies for power electronics, specifically Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and Insulated Mental Substrates (IMS). Aismalibar Thermal Interface Materials have been designed to improve dielectric isolation and fast thermal transmission in battery assemblies, taking into consideration cost reduction, lifetime performance, safety, and reliability. 

Our Thermal Interface Materials are divided into two main areas, differentiated based on whether they need dielectric capacity. Dielectric requirement is determined by the electronic device, its operating voltage, and the applicable regulations regarding ground insulation. Additionally, Aismalibar has developed a series of applicable surfaces on the TIMs, differentiated by whether they need to be self-adhesive. Both surfaces serve, in turn, to reduce the air cavities that exist between the surfaces of the TIMs and the heatsinks or electronic components. 

COPPERFILLER and BOND SHEET CURED offer a high-performance alternative solution to current thermal pastes or pads. The new COBRITHERM ALP is made from an aluminum base that is dielectrically insulated, designed to build structures, covers, partitions or radiators, among other solutions. It is completely insulated and guarantees excellent contact between the battery and dissipation elements.

IMS METAL CLAD Is a thick aluminum-based substrate, cladded in ED copper foil, designed for an effective thermal dissipation and high electrical insulation. Our proprietary formulated polymer-ceramic ensures high thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and thermal endurance. AISMALIBAR’s Insulated Metal Substrates allow processing by standard PCBs procedures, integrating heat dissipation with no need for extra components and SMD assembly process.

Visit us at booth 136 to learn more about our products. We look forward to speaking with you.