HAM Precision Burr Free Drill

Posted Apr 19th, 2023

Burr formation has long been the bane of machining companies around the globe.  Admittedly, burrs can be removed in a subsequent de-burring operation, but it is an extra operation introducing a requirement for extra time and cost to the manufacturing process. Moreover, the process of deburring can alter the dimensional accuracy of the product, thus the mitigation of burr formation has been the goal of machinists from the earliest days of industry.

As a highly respected tool manufacturer, HAM Precision has long been keenly aware of this challenge and has looked for ways to improve the quality of their tools to steadily reduce or eliminate these pesky imperfections.  HAM Precision has learned through extensive research that this is a multifaceted challenge, and is impacted by multiple factors, including materials used in tool construction and tool geometry. Moreover, burr creation is impacted by the material being machined, the tool path selected, and the coolant used. It is certainly not a simple challenge.

With decades of experience, HAM Precision’s scientists and engineers have studied the problem in depth and have worked with customers to successfully mitigate the burring problems in both steel and aluminum and they are happy to share their knowledge. Both HAM Precision and we at TFE are eager to help you with burr related challenges you may be experiencing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are both here ready and eager to help you.

 HAM Precision Tools and their engineered products have come a very long way in mitigating the very serious challenge of de-burring. This is why among many other reasons we are so proud to have them as teammates. 

Our goal at TFE is to bring our customers solutions. We pride ourselves on working not only the best companies in the business, but also the best problem solvers, not just for our own company but for the industry as well. This is why we are very proud of our long relationship with HAM Precision Tools.