Schmoll - Micro Mirror Direct Imaging

Posted Jun 29th, 2023

Schmoll Maschinen is a designer and manufacturer of PCB production machines that serve a wide range of processes used in the fabrication of today’s increasingly complex printed circuits.

The product lineup includes mechanical drilling, milling, punching as well as laser drills for HDI but the company also produces imaging systems for direct imaging including MDI (micro-mirror direct imaging) and DDI (digital direct imaging) to meet both large scale production as well as small volume prototyping. Now into their 7th decade they are recognized globally as one the top tier suppliers of manufacturing equipment for the world’s best printed circuit fabricators. 

As is the case in semiconductor manufacturing, imaging is emerging as arguably the gate keeping process relative to the advancement of printed circuit technology. The Schmoll MDI offers an extremely compact design with the flexibility to process a wide range of commonly used resists, both standard as well as LDI versions.

The machine employs a tried-and-tested light source with over 2 million individually controllable micro-mirrors and powerful UV LEDs, allowing the MDI direct exposure to achieve unmatched quality with optimized cycle times. Having a system capable of multiple wavelengths available and precise registration accuracy, the MDI offers the manufacturer a system fully suited to direct exposure and capable of the full range of applications from prototyping to series production. With the rapid rate of change in product design and feature demands, having a system that can deliver superior results both current and future is vital to staying competitive.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and take advantage of the close working relationship we have with Schmoll’s sales and technical staff, to assure you get the answers you need quickly and accurately. At TFE, we ensure that you get the products you need to succeed in and increasingly competitive world. We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve and maintain your success.