NEW Aismalibar ebook: Thermal Dissipation in Wide-bandgap Power Semiconductors

Posted Jan 9th, 2024

At Aismalibar, we initiated a collaborative effort with the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya´s TIEG Research Group to conduct a study aimed at integrating Power Converters into printed circuit boards (PCBs) and optimizing their electronic design. As part of this partnership, we explored various base materials for PCBs.

Traditional printed circuit boards (PCBs) commonly use FR4 as an insulating material. While FR4 is widely used due to its electrical insulation properties, it exhibits a relatively low thermal conductivity, necessitating a significant number of thermal vias to effectively dissipate heat. However, experimental results have demonstrated that our new materials surpass FR4 in terms of thermal conductivity, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for thermal vias altogether.  Learn more by downloading our free eBook!

Download The New ebook here.

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