Visit Technosystem At IPC APEX EXPO 2024!

Posted Apr 5th, 2024

Benmayor will exhibit Technosystem Automation at the IPC APEX EXPO 2024, a world-class trade show and cutting-edge technical conference in Anaheim, California, April 6-11, in booth 4432 at Burkle North America (Schmoll). Technosystem will present highly advanced automation concepts for the PCB industry, featuring Technosystem V3 LDI. This automation is specifically designed for mid-size PCB factories with a high mix and a substantial layer count, where delicate handling is paramount. The new automation featured at the show will automate the Solder Mask or Dry Film Schmoll MDI Direct Imaginer. The Technosystem V3 LDI can automate all DI or LDI on the market and is  equipped with a fully integrated protocol with the ability to manage job queues and make changes without downtime. All Technosystem Automations are prepared for the Industry 4.0.

Discover the full spectrum of Technosystem Automation's innovative product lineup below. Crafted with precision and tailored to the distinctive needs of every factory, each machine stands as a testament to our commitment to seamless integration and peak performance. With a profound understanding of diverse industrial environments, we engineer solutions that seamlessly adapt, ensuring optimal functionality from the outset. Experience efficiency redefined with Technosystem Automation's unparalleled solutions designed to elevate you

Visit us at booth 4432 at Burkle North America (Schmoll) to learn more about Technosystem Automation from Benmayor. We look forward to speaking with you. To book a meeting with our team, please email